Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rewrote the Wi-Fi Guide

Ross has sent me two comments which I have pasted below. He couldn't get the WiFi working on his Dell 1501. He begged and pleaded for me to fix the guide. The guide wasn't very broken, it just required a cognitive ability. I did notice it lacked the polish and feel of my later guides. So for Ross and everyone else who complains that they can't get the WiFi working and my guide isn't working I rewrote the guide. It is truly idiot proof and in my opinion, my best guide yet. It's almost 100% command line meaning you just have to copy and paste. If it doesn't work for you you can always try the alternate native Linux driver, which guide you can find here. Good luck Ross and enjoy the new guide.

I have tried this like 8 times now. and have just started fresh by reinstalling it and trying again but it won't work for me
I have a dell 1501 same as you. but i got the 1g mem and i have the dvd burner too but this just will not work the light does not come on. even when i restart and all the other lights flash , (the lock with 9 and the A and the down arrow) but no wifi flash , i will attach all my workings on my next post after i try once more. wish me luck!! i realy want my wifi.....
doesn't WORK!!

I've tried sooo many times i got the same thing as the guy who started this everything seems to work
but in the end nothing is actually installed at all!!
am i doing it the wrong place should i do this entire guide in root. i did it and saved both downloads to a file named .driver(wich i created ) (is there supposed to be one in there allready?)
its a hidden file. anyway inside that folder i created another folder named wifi for my driver download (the zipped one) so after that i un TAR the ndiswrapper file to the .driver folder and do everything as the guide says, thousands of dell owners have. it doesn't work for me.
the guide seems to be a bare skeleton when it comes to the informative and descriptive side...

getting no where and have reinstalled twice can you edit your guide a little, starting at the verry first line,,,,

after you suggest the root folder option you say to enter the 2 previous command's again....

which 2? the first 2 in the guide or the one to become root . there are some other confusing factors too. it seems to work for some people but i am having trouble.

and your guide for the beryl thing dont get me started....

you should tell people what it means to log in as XGL not everyone knows its a profile.. i can proof read your guides to make them idiot proof , I am half idiot after all..
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willem said...

dear red

ubuntu really started working for me once i figured out that any problems i have originate from the chair. a lot of people haven't realized that yet. thanks for being super #1. =)


redDEAD said...

willem thanks for the love. you're right everyone assumes my guides are wrong (sometimes I goof). The majority of problems that arise are from the chair, ie the user. But if you want to learn to run you gotta fall

ross_350 said...


ross_350 said...

This felt like it would be difficult but its easy and will make you feel good , your posts and guides are the best Red, really ... it's just after retrying something and continually failing, well , you begin to nitpick you start to think the smallest thing is the thing giving you a problem.

well I have posted this on another site too, I didn't even have a wifi card when i made all those attempts, I bought my 1501 in Japan from a yahoo auction and missed the part about 5000 yen for the wireless card but , I received the card this evening and your guide went smooth , I am sure it would of gone smooth before you edited it,it wasn't that confusing , but now its perfect , its completely thorough (aren't you glad i suggested it ;)
thanks for that , sort of wish it was something i used more that just the once now..

good job mate