Sunday, July 22, 2007

Conexant Modem on the Dell 1501

amaurynieto just sent me the .deb file to get your Conexant Modem to work in Ubuntu.

This .deb is the Conexant driver for the 1505n officially supported by Dell, however it also works in the 150 because it's the same D110 Chipset.

Conexant Modem .deb from Dell's Website
You can wget in a terminal (default save is to your home login folder /home/YOUR USER NAME)

It's good to see Dell involvement is giving back to the open source world. I wish I could test it out but I don't have a phone line or access to a dial-up account. If you get it to work, let me know how it went.
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Jinx said...

It's not really helpful to me unless they release an x64 binary as well. said...

Hi there. The modem driver seems to work flawlessly - which is a good thing since I don't have access to a wired network, which I kinda needed to get the wifi going.

When I installed it and put in the settings there were a few things to tweak though:

If you're in the US you'll want to make sure the modem is putting out tones and not pulses - for some reason that's what Ubuntu defaults to, and it doesn't sound like a modem is supposed to sound like. It'll probably be the same way for many if not most countries.

Also remember to set it as the default connection to the internet. Otherwise you'll still be connected, but Firefox won't pull up any webpages.

Oh, and the installation's a little odd: I always open the terminal on the installation window, and it appears that you'll need to click in it and press enter when asks for a directory - I don't know what it means, but it works just fine for me when you press enter.

I'll get to try this again later tonight as I just got my new 160GB hard drive today, as well as 2GB of memory (and now I've got two 512 sticks for the Inspiron 1501 that are utterly useless to me :| )

Your blog has helped me out a whole lot in getting Ubuntu on my laptop. Thanks a lot!

redDEAD said...

jinx thanks for your positive comment, I glad your running the 64 bit version. We can all point and laugh at your now.

Anonymous said...

After reinstalling Feisty I put the driver on. After you double-click and hit install, you'll need to show the terminal and hit enter when the prompt comes up. Other than that installation is painless.

Using it is somewhat odd compared to Windows. It can be annoying to dial up while already logged in - the tone/pulse settings have a nasty habit of forgetting what they're supposed to be. The solution is to get all the settings right, dial up, and then save the location. To dial up while logged in after that, just select the location in the network settings and click the checkmark. Another annoying thing is that you have to input the root password every time you dial up because the only way I know to do it is to open the network settings under System > Administration. A third annoyance is that the modem doesn't always connect - I'm not sure if that's a problem with the driver under Linux but I don't have this problem under Vista (which I have installed with dual-boot).

The good news is that you might not have to worry much about that at all, because Ubuntu automatically dials out when booting up, unlike Windows. This could be a problem should you start the computer in the middle of a phone call, but all you have to do is unplug the cord when you turn it on. It also seems to be much more reliable when connecting this way.

Remember to make sure you have default connection & ISP's nameservers checked when configuring the modem connection as well.

Other than that, the 1501's modem is all set to go. It's far from perfect but it does the job if you can't get access to high-speed wifi.

Jinx said...

The only time I've come back to check this thread is because I'm reinstalling i386. Befitting eh?

SouthwestVA said...

I upgraded to 7.10 Gutsy and I can not get the driver to install correctly with the new kernel (2.6.22-14 generic). Any ideas?

redDEAD said...

wasn't made for this kernel, you have to wait for dell to release the gutsy version of the deb for the newer kernel.

ser_virtual said...

Hi there. I followed the steps whitin Gutsy and now the Resticted Driver Manager shows that the driver is activated but I don't know if it is even working and howto dial-up
I also don't know to wich port the modem is connected whe filling the configuration in System>Administration>Network
and whe I return here the Keyword field shows more *s than the original password I had just set up
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

redDEAD said...


can be much of a help, I don't have a phone line, only a cell phone. Besides that I haven't used dial up since 2001.

Alexander Kriegisch said...

Check out the Gutsy section for more information about getting the modem to work with 7.10, I just posted a solution there.