Monday, July 9, 2007

Niall's Question

Hello, redDEAD. I have a small problem and was wondering if you could help me, sorry I had to post it here, I couldn't find another way to contact you.

I think the problem is with my BIOS version(2.4.1), however I managed to get my ATI card to work on 2.1.0 so I'm not sure. Do you think you could help me solve the problem?

I think Niall is asking me to help him get the ATI driver installed on his Dell 1501 with the 2.4.1 BIOS. Niall, all you have to do is use Restricted Driver Manager found in System>Administration. It won't give you the most recent ATI driver but it will give you a solid ATI driver that really works. The BIOS shouldn't matter, in fact, if you are worried about your BIOS version you should be using BIOS 1.7 you can find it here

Cheers I hope that helps.

A quick reminder to people, if you want my help you have to get me as much info as possible. Paint me a pretty picture and tell me exactly what your problem is. If you need to contact me you can always email me at redDEADresolve at that fancy google

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Sempiterno said...

Regarding the BIOS, why 1.7? Is it because of compatibility issues?

My laptop came with a 2.something BIOS, and the brightness control didn't work at all under linux (64bit), nor under OpenBSD. Then I updated OpenBSD and now it works there. Then I updated the BIOS to 2.4.1. Then, I reinstalled Ubuntu in 32bit and now it sort of works. Now I can change the brightness between two settings: 'kind of dark' and 'very bright'.

I read in the forums that if you have an older BIOS, the brightness worked as it was supposed to. How about you, are your brightness keys working as expected? Is there any good reason not to use the older version?

redDEAD said...

yeah BIOS 1.7 allows brightness, hibernate & suspend too all work like they are supposed to.

Niall said...

Wow, I feel famous. ;) Well, sorry for the late reply. Anyway, I hesitated to degrade my BIOS, since the last time I tried it, I had to send my laptop back to repairs since my motherboard died on me. (Thus my video card working on 2.1.0(originally installed on 1.7.0), however since then, I degraded it without problems and I will try it again. ;) Sorry about not being descriptive, it was more of a question to see if you could help me(I wasn't sure how simple it was to hopefully solve. I'll report back when I'm finished. ;)

Abo said...

How can I install the bios 1.7 version from ubuntu?? I need to run windows to do it?
Thanks since now