Friday, March 28, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy Heron: Beta - Review and Wireless fix

Even more promising than the Alpha versions, as expected. Everything is a lot more stable, Firefox 3 is warming up to us and it is overall a good experience.

Although most peoples 1501's will work with no hiccups in the beta, we did experience an issue with our install. When trying to format the disk and install fresh, it would not format. There was a known bug that locked any previous partitions. To wipe the drive and start with the whole thing unallocated, it was necessary to create a new disk label by going to System->Administration->Partition Editor and in Partition Editor selecting Device->Set Disklabel. This is easy but should not be necessary. Hopefully by the official release this will not be needed for anyone and it will work the way it is supposed to.

The Driver Manager still has a bug when installing the driver. The Broadcom B43 firmware cutter will not work when used through the Driver Manager. In order to install B43-fwcutter you need to use the terminal.
In a terminal Type:
sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter

This takes care of the driver, and we can see wireless networks. If you're lucky, you can connect to them too, but many of our readers have been reporting that connecting just keeps going and going with the connecting animation seemingly going on forever with no results at all.

For the majority of users, the most recent updates that include the new version of "network-manager" will fix this issue. For those of you who are still encountering issues after updating completely, congratulations you have found the fix.

This will uninstall the unworking version of network-manager, that screws up and replace it with the old one which works without flaw.

Download the working version - Type in a terminal
sudo wget

Downgrade - Type in a terminal
sudo dpkg -i network-manager_0.6.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb

If you followed the instructions, you now have wireless working perfectly. Simple, two commands, copy and paste, you don't even need to reboot. Hope this is satisfactory to everyone in need.

All other categories (ATI driver, card reader, modem etc.) have remained the same since Alpha 6.

Please tell me how these things work for you in the comments, a few of the testers have already confirmed it works well but I want to hear from everyone else. Keep up to date, good things to come soon.



Navid said...

hi, I upgrade to 8.04. everything is going well.I install wireless works but it s a little slow and signal straight is falling down every 2-3 minutes for 30 sec .


Anonymous said...


I did install fresh.
the new ati driver is SHIT, it displays a weird line all over the screen whenever effects are on.

Not to mention that the whole system was running INCREDIBLY slow! it was unbelievable! to open nautilus took me about 10-20 seconds, while on gutsy it takes me only 2-3!

Damn, even the gutsy livecd, from which I'm writing this comment, is working faster.

Kcam said...

I did a fresh install with the amd64 version and had no problems except for the wireless.

TenaicousLee said...

Do you know what the .deb package is for amd64 architecture?

Navid said...

I agree with Caligula. System was very slow and Compiz didn't work well.i couldnt make the ndiswrapper work .I decided to rollback to 7.10.
I hope they will fix the problem in final edition.

Jason said...

Here is a link to the AMD64 version of the package:

Alternatively if that ever gets deleted, I have mirrored it to MediaFire for your convenience :)

rledge21 said...

I had trouble with my video and got an error launching the gnome settings daemon on boot and when I selected System > Preferences > Appearance
My theme (from UbuntuStudio) wouldn't load either.

Fixed with:

sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl

Nightstudies said...

I haven't tried Hardy, but I wanted to point out that I'm use ndiswrapper instead of fwcutter on 64 bit Gutsy.

I chose that because someone claimed that ndiswrapper is more complete than fwcutter and I wanted to be sure that WPA2 worked.

I built it from source rather than using a binary install - but in any case it works perfectly.

Jason said...

Tried running the wireless fix and i get this error.

dpkg: error processing network-manager_0.6.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb (--install):
subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2
Errors were encountered while processing:

Anyone got any suggestions?

rledge21 said...

Thought I had the wireless working(the light comes on) but I can't see or join networks. sudo iwlist scanning gives me:

lo Interface doesn't support scanning.

eth0 Interface doesn't support scanning.

wmaster0 Interface doesn't support scanning.

wlan0 No scan results

Also, while removing xserver-xgl did wonders for getting my theme working and my video back up to speed, I lose my compiz effects because of it.

This is with doing the update, and me using Ubuntu Studio. Will probably do a fresh install over the weekend.

shrewd.user said...

i have ubuntu running on my inspiron 1501 and i had everything working fine (until an update i suppose) when my wireless stopped working (wouldn't connect, etc)

i thought i had found the fix when i stumbled on this website, but downgrading the network manager (amd64) did not work....

any ideas?

Axel said...

I've a question. What filesystem do you use to install ubuntu?ext3 o xfs? For better performance I know that xfs is better. Have you got any other tips to increase performance on dell inspiron 1501 and linux?

soundbyt said...

I the same problem with network manager (connection icon just kept spinning). I resolved this error by going into the gnome keyring manager and deleting the wpa password for my wireless network. The next time I tried to connect to it, network-manager prompted me for my wpa key, and i was good from there on out. Just my $.02

Levi said...

I am dual booting the 64bit version along side Arch. Everything works...brightness buttons, audio buttons, hibernate, suspend, etc. No problems here.

I am using the newest bios.

Jason said...

Thanks levi

I will try the 64bit version this weekend. Still finding my way around Linux (have worked with windows all my like and am looking forward to a change).

shrewd.user said...

i don't seem to have gnome-keyring-manager in ubuntu 8 :(

its not even in the repo's :(

Marcelo said...

After upgrading today, my brightness control stop working. Any idea? I didn't downgraded ever my BIOS but it was still working.


laurence said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the downgrade network manager advice.
I'm running an old Thinkpad T20 (i686) with a Kcorp KLG-520 wireless cardbus.

i was getting the 'perpetual load up' animation.

connected perfect now.
thankyou thankyou Thanks again!

jimolivi said...

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.04 on a Dell Inspiron B130 and installed the b43-fwcutter a advised in this blog. It did work, but I had to reboot. After installing, I unplugged wireless and tried to bring the wireless connection up with no luck. I did use wired networking to download the fix and thought rebooting with the network cable unplugged would make sure that I really was using wireless and that DHCP was working correctly.

Nate said...

Upgraded my DV2100 Notebook to Hardy, had wireless die on me, used
sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter
to get it back up and working. Thanks for your help!

Brian said...

Link is dead - = 404

Beriev said...

Here's how I did it on Hardy Heron. First connected using an ethernet cable. Installed all possible updates. Using "Add/Remove applications" installed Wine (Windows emulator) and Windows Wireless Drivers (Ndiswrapper driver installation tool). Downloaded R151517.EXE from here(quicker) and moved it to a new folder called R151517 (to avoid spraying files all over the place!) Clicked on it and Wine decompressed the contents. Opened System/Administration/Windows Wireless Drivers and selected "Install New
Driver". Navigated to R151517/DRIVER to locate the inf file and installed
the driver. Lo and behold! It now works.

Beriev said...

Reference my last comment. The link for R151517.EXE should read

redDEAD said...

Why are you submitting fixes for a beta that ended 6 months ago?