Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 New User Guide

Overview and setup for getting Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron installed on the Dell Inspiron 1501

Setting Up Wireless with NDISwarapper

Easy Codec Installation

Encrypted DVD playback & Medibuntu

Stop Compiz-Fusion From Loading Automatically


Ibarrkov said...

very usefull man !!!! thanks

Amir A said...

how different are the e1505 and the e1501?
i'm eager to try some of your tweaks but as an ubernoob i tend to be very cautious.

redDEAD said...

amir a,

some thing are specific to the dell 1501, like setting up wifi while most everything else is general to ubuntu. articles about firefox tweaks, compiz fusion stuff, codecs, wine and medibuntu are just safe to run only ubuntu setup.

döme said...

Hi! I have a question!

I run ubuntu 8.04 since the day before yesterday and I noticed that the hard disk is clicking a lot. So I had to modify something with the load cycle stuff to stop it clicking and dying on me to soon. The result is, that the clicking stopped, but it generates more heat then before. I installed hddtemp, it says that after a half movie it is at 54 C degrees. Is that too hight? If it is, what should I do? This didn't happen with the 7.10 version. No clicking and no warming up.

Other stuff:
mplayer is not working at all
sometimes the flash doesn't work either
firefox is much slower than before
the tracker uses up very much CPU, many times
movies us very much CPU, compared to the 7.10 version
and so on...

I'm considering reverting to the older version and wait until this becomes more stable.


lil0tik said...

So, with much help from your blog, I have a great Gutsy / Vista dual-boot setup on my 1501. Now the time has come to downgrade Vista to XP, and I want to take the time to do a clean install of Hardy.

Looking for a bit of advice, though: I'd like my 8.04 install to be pretty minimal, a mostly cli-based system with Flexbox. Is there a way to get the benefits of Ubuntu's standard desktop install (i.e. good hardware detection & easy restricted drivers install), but without gnome & all the other default apps?

FENix said...

To lil0tik:

Try to use fluxbuntu.

Qana said...
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peloquinf said...

Hey! Great work on the how-tos, I'd gladly donate money to you if i weren't at least as broke as you are!!

I have a question though, could you take a look over VMware player on Hardy Heron which doesn't work so well out of the box. I found a couple of forums but they weren't as clear and effective as what you usually give us. So... I hope you'll be able to help us wannabe geeks with that!

redDEAD said...


I use VirtualBox, donate and I'll write a guide for VMware.

I find VirtualBox to be a better user experience. Check it out, you might like it.

Qana said...
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Ragu said...

Thanks for your blog. I got hardy working in my laptop.

But I see my laptop is getting HOT if I use Ubuntu 64 bit instead of Vista. It seems Ubuntu does something. After working on Ubuntu if I boot with Vista it complains my battery is not holding the charge and I have to replace it.

Does anyone have this problem?

Qana al Fallujah said...
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Ric said...

glad to find this site! jus installed ubuntu 8.04.1 32b ver on "my 1501" ... need to know how to connect to internet via cell phone modem. i have sprint and dual boot with vista ultimate, is there a way to install my sprint program into ubuntu. tried to link to it but no connect. suggestions anyone ??

Nik said...

hey there,

i have a dell aio 926 printer that i bought along with my 1501. but it seems that there is no way of making it work with ubuntu. checked loads of forums and they seem to be filled with unsuccessful attempts.

any ideas?

Lupu said...

quana, and other people.. to enable a second monitor is just enough to type
aticonfig --enable-monitors=auto
and after that just restart your x by login or reboot.

i am also curious how to setup how to set a second monitor.