Saturday, January 5, 2008

Power Saving In Linux

Craig Russell sent me a very cool link about going green in Linux.

Less Watts is a great site about how to save power in Linux. These howtos and tips not only save energy and cut down on useless consumption, but give you better battery life.

It's well worth checking out if you go mobile often.
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Alexandre said...

I have a launcher on my desktop and in my panel of type "Application in Terminal" with the command: xset -display :0 dpms force off

it turns off the backlight on the lcd.

Hortinstein said...


xset -display :0 dpms force on

turn it back on?

Alexandre said...

Just move the mouse (or do anything else) to turn it back on.

r4wMUnt34q said...

I am having a problem while watching a film. The backlight turns off after some time eventhough I have set everything in the Screensaver settings to Never. It hapends no matter what video player I use. Any ideas?