Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary To Me

This month marks the one year anniversary of

As usually I'd like to thank you guys for reading and coming back. I'm glad that I've helped so many people discover Ubuntu, Linux and open source software. I seem to never have enough time but the blog is a definite labor of love for me.

I do want to touch on a couple of subjects:

1. This coming month I will finish the iPod in Ubuntu guides. They have said coming soon for 5 months and it's about time.

2. I don't like Gutsy, and find it difficult to write about a release I dislike so much. Hopefully Heron will not have the same usability bugs Gutsy did. Four months later and I still am unable to encode CDs in VO. In Fesity, Edgy & Dapper it worked.

3. Dell doesn't sell the Inspiron 1501 anymore, so the site might not be as busy as it once was. I plan on updating with every release. It's a shame, I'd love to pick up a 1521 and continue the site but I think this is my last non-made for Linux laptop.

4. Some readers have complained that some of my guides aren't specific to the Dell Inspiron 1501, a lot of people find these guides useful. I'm not going to stop writing them anytime soon.

Enjoy the articles.

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ketch said...

Hi, i just found this website because i was given a 1501 for Xmass and I am looking into it's Ubuntu compatibility... the Vista Basic it came with really really is as bad as everyone proclaims.

You point out in #2 that Gutsy is very unlikeable and I agree but I hope Heron fixes most issues... and gives us a smooth running ubuntu again, if not do you recommend/use any other distro on your dell?

Anyway just wanted to thank you for this site and wish you a happy anniversary.

redDEAD said...


Ubuntu is my favorite distro but why not try Fedora? You're going to run into similar problems but it's worth checking out.

r4wMUnt34q said...

I didnt have big problems with Gutsy guides and not with Gutsy at all I guess. I wonder how will update to Hardy work and the OS as well.
Thanks to this blog I found some cool hints and I am a total noob to Linux and Ubuntu and everything seems to run OK so far. Keep up the good work guys ;)

Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini said...


"last non made linux Laptop". Do you mean your next laptop will be some with Linux pre-installed?

redDEAD said...

Pablo, yup!

Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini said...

Yes, I think is the best you can do... next time I'll be doing the same =).

Christopher said...

What's wrong with Gutsy? I haven't had any problems.

Dávid said...

Happy Anniversary

Your blog has helped me quite a lot over the past few months. Thanks a lot.

Feisty seemed to work better on my 1501 laptop too.

Luobotou said...

Your comments and guides have been very useful - with my Dell 1501 as well as with my desktop and Asus S96FM laptop. I use Gutsy, it works for all the stuff I do (except the flash issues). Regardless, you have a blog that is of use, which is something very special.

Cabby Morena said...

Aaaw, just because Dell stopped with the production of 1501 doesn't mean you'll stop with this site eventually right?

Cabby Morena said...

Ooh btw Happy Anniversary and are you working as a paramedic already?


redDEAD said...


Still in paramedic school, but I ride with the Chicago Fire Department as a student medic now. Come summer I'll be full into my internship and work ~25 24 hours shifts throughout the summer. Then I'll be a fully licensed and certified paramedic.

Xelsio said...

Thanks for such a great website. Your site made this whole laptop transition to Gutsy a heck of a lot easier! If you're ever in Santa Barbara, I owe you a Coke.

Lee said...

Hi, happy anniversary. Your blog helped me a lot to jump start Linux Ubuntu. As I played with Ubuntu, I also realize it is getting hard to make the pieces work on the laptop made for non-linux. Do you know what other good laptop made for linux?

Also, congrats on your internship and hope you can become full-time paramedic soon.

Levi Sorenson said...

thanks for the help. Don't stop any time soon. This blog has been extremely useful.

Nick said...

Hey reddead,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the blog and all of the time you have put into the newbie community.

I bought a 1501 in Jan of 06 and was having trouble breaking away from "the other OS" because I had no WiFi, SATA drive support or 3D graphics drivers. After many broken installs and f*cked up X configs I came out with a system that met all my (very basic) requirements and freed me from a $600 odd upgrade. Finally ended up with a working 1501 thanks to your simple walkthroughs and well thought out guides.

Total cost? $0.00

(ShipIt is awesome beyond belief amirite?)

Over the many years, I've been dropping back to check out updates and other generally cool stuff. So yeah. Thanks for all the fresh content.

Hortinstein said...

gratz! I have been coming here for a while, and this is the reason I still own the 1501 (vista was terrible)

and I owe you quite a bit since you send about 20% of my overall traffic to mobilemoko (ill updated lately I know)

been a while since I have chatted with you on aim, hope all is well. I have some cool linux stuff to talk to you about next time your on

lsutiger said...

The replacement for the 1501 is the Vostro 1000. Exact same innards (well, thats how ours are bundled).

Levi Sorenson said...

redDEAD have you ever tried installing Kubuntu on the 1501?

redDEAD said...


yeah it runs great. i prefer gnome though.

Levi Sorenson said...

Hm, I do to, but I wanted to try KDE 4 just for the hell of it. So I installed KDE 4 on ubuntu, but with the desktop effect enabled, it's terrible. The video is very choppy, etc. I don't know, maybe since it's not kubuntu, I am missing something.

MattBarn88 said...

I just thought I would let you know that I have installed ubuntu 8.04 on my inpiron 1501 and have experience the same issues that are posted on this website. The wireless card is present in the "Hardware Drivers" app, but even though it is "in use", it still doesn't work. If you would like I can keep you posted on how the distro progresses.