Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thank You Sir, I Owe You a Beer Or How to fix a Dell Laptop Keyboard

Big thanks to a reader named Langolier. His suggestion of trying to pop my broken space bar key back in using this guide worked. I once killed an old Inspiron 3800 keyboard because I didn't know what I was doing. This guide explains what is down there, and how to fix it. It's a big help for anyone having Dell laptop keyboard issue.

Langolier, thanks to you, I don't have to go through the torture of Dell tech support. If you are ever in the Chicago, IL area, I owe you a beer sir.
edited by pHreaksYcle


Langolier said...


No thanks necessary! It's in my best interest to keep you up and running!!! Without your blog I would have no idea as to what to do with ubuntu. I'm happy to help when it means you'll be around to bounce questions off of!

Jerry said...

Nice tip on the keyboard fix. I'm sure I'll need it in the future.

My daughter spilled orange juice on my Inspiron 1501 which not only fried the hard drive but left the keyboard sticky for weeks. After I replaced the hard drive, I ended up removing the keyboard and rinsing it in hot water to dissolve the orange juice. I dried it out and it's as good as new.

tom wright said...

i have needed this tutorial 2 times so far and it has worked both


Drew said...

My 'e' key popped off like 4 months ago, I just sent in my old keyboard and got a new one.