Saturday, June 9, 2007

My 1501 Is Being Sent For Repairs

Thanks for all your support and suggestions. Dell sent me the box to send my PC to their repair facilities. Hopefully I'll get my laptop back in less than two weeks, I'm shipping to them on Monday.

Don't worry I'll let you guys know how everything turns out.
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lsutiger said...

The normal turnaround time is about 7-10 days when I have sent units in...
Let's hope they don't jack up and reinstall vista on it. lol
Thanx for the site!!! Got 3d & Beryl working just yesterday and I am pumped! Couldn't have done it withut your posts!

redDEAD said...

I took out my hard drive and extra 1 GB of ram. No fear of them messing anything up on my hard drive.

lsutiger said...

Hey! I spent a lot of time on the Ubuntu forums today and a lot of ppl were having troubles with their BCM wireless cards. Since your method got me up and running in mere moments ( I have the BCM 4401 ), I have been pimping your blog out on the forums.
Hope you don't mind!

redDEAD said...

i do that all the time too, lol. thanks for the advertisements.

Pierre S said...

Hi reddead,

Just a little question: I got a 1501 with a Amd Thurion64 processor. Which version should I download in order to update my Edgy? The 32bit version or rather the 64 one? What is the difference between both exactly? I'm really don't now what it means.

I posted a message one time. Thank you for your very interesting blog, which represents for me a big help.

Good luck for the reparation of yout 1501.

Bonjour de Paris ;)

redDEAD said...

Pierre S,

The difference between 32bit and 64bit is that everything in the Ubuntu repos works with the 32bit version, the 64bit version has computability problems.

You will not not notice any real difference in speed between the two.

Download and install the 32bit version on Feisty Fawn. Upgrading is cool but fresh installs give you no headaches.