Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Reader Question

Recently a reader, PurplE, asked if he could copy or modify some of my articles for his blog or the Ubuntu wiki. I encourage all of you to use my work to help others. If you think you can do something better or translate my articles into another language please do. Just give me credit and link back to my site. Share the love, don't steal my content and call it your own.


Remember you can find my contact info here if you have questions or comments

I am looking for help. I want to write a SAMBA guide that doesn't suck. Simple printer sharing, and read only access to shared folders. If you want to help send me an email. redDEADresolve []
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nitesh said...

wow! this blog is extremely informative and helpful.
I got my inspiron 2 days back with vista preloaded and I am already sort of bored with it.
I am going to install ubuntu on it by following your guide.
Thanks a lot for this site.

hjghjghj said...

question, did you get cool 'n quiet to work ? Do you have to install the AMD driver or does it work out of the box ? I feel its an important feature cause it keeps the laptop cool

redDEAD said...

cool and quiet works out of the box.