Friday, May 4, 2007

VMware Working on 1501 [Feisty]

I finally got around to installing VMware on my Dell 1501. While I wish I could used a KVM, my Sempron 3500+ doesn't support it. It does run VMware well, here are some screens. With a guide to follow shortly.

VMware XP Install

VMware Running XP on Ubuntu 7.04
edited by pHreaksYcle


Kevin said...

How's the performance? Things run pretty snappy?

redDEAD said...

it's pretty good.

rollerskatejamms said...

All you need to get vmware server running is apt-get install vmware-server from the Canonical COMMERCIAL repository.

deb feisty-commercial main

Kevin said...

for the most part, true, although the newest version release isnt in the repositories yet

Kevin said...

also of note is VirtualBox by Innotek...a newer, open-source virtual machine software

runs well, and their site has a .deb of the newest release

Damon said...

I've got Virtualbox installed on my 1501 with XP-MCE 2005 running as a virtual machine. With the "guest additions" installed you can run the virtal machine fullscreen, and other than seeing a slight delay you'd never know that XP was running from within Ubuntu. :D