Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting Ubuntu 7.04 Fesity Fawn

Well I forgot to mention how to get Feisty. There are three main ways to get a copy:

1. Order them free, you fill out a mailing form and Canonical will send them to you in about 6-8 weeks. No hassles, junk mail, no mailing lists, no email, nothing to buy later. You just get the disks for free. Order a couple extra and give them away to friends. Order them here

2. Download directly from a mirror. This not the best way, it puts strain on the servers. Use it only if you can't wait or can't bittorrent. Depending on your connection it takes a couple of hours. Download Ubuntu here

3. Torrent it. If you don't know what or how to use bittorent, select option 1 or 2. If you want try to learn more about Bittorent and how to go here. The torrents to download Ubuntu can be found at the bottom of this page. Bittorrent is the fastest and best way to get Ubuntu. You help others download it as you download.

Once you downloaded Ubuntu you need to burn it onto a disc. So either use you favorite burning program or you can use WindowsXP's built in iso burning. You just insert a blank CD/DVD into your drive, right click the .iso file you downloaded and select Send To, send it to your CD/DVD writer (for most people it will be named CD-RW Drive or DVD-RW Drive) and the disc will begin to burn.

These CD/DVD are live discs. This mean that you can put them into your machine and try using Ubuntu before you install it. Still not sure what a LiveCD is? Look here.
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Pedro said...

I already got feisty up 'n running great, but let me tell you, this is fantastic for linking to friends.

Thanks a bunch! ;)

Cao Yi said...

Hi, could you please post an article to introduce how to install a virtual machine (KVM or others) on Feisty?

And I've ever followed your blog to install 6.06 and ATI driver successfully, thanks very much!

redDEAD said...

Does your Dell 1501 support kvm? Mine doesn't, so I will be doing a vmware guide soon. My desktop does support kvm so when I do get it working I'll throw up a link for you.