Friday, March 2, 2007

Feed the Mailbag

I've got ideas floating around for the next couple of articles and I need to get them hammered out and tested. But in the meantime, I wanted people to know that I will answer your questions. Some readers have instant messaged me and I've been more than happy to help them out. Also you can email me questions and I'll answer them right on the blog. So, feed the mailbag and make suggestions!
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Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say that I really appreciate this blog, and would like to make you an affiliate with my blog.

I also have an Inspiron 1501 and I also want to install Ubuntu on it.

This blog is a huge help.

Jason Chiu said...

A couple of ideas:

- Getting PocketPC's working with Ubuntu PIM software
- Windows applications with Wine

I myself have gotten Wine working with a few applications, but no longer have a PocketPC to work with.

Helen said...

Hey I just want to say that you are a complete god! I just brought an inspiron 1501.. I have been into linux since 1999 but i have never managed to get it working as smoothly and as quickly as I did with the info you provided.. esp about the extra boot params to make the hdd visible and getitng the wireless working...


personal blog at

Marcos said...

I feel that this blog will be a huge help. I wonder if you have installed the intel compilers under ubuntu without any problem. I work with them (and need them badly) but last time I bought an AMD64 I simply couldn't install them.

redDEAD said...

helen, I doubt I am a complete god. But my self esteem feels better seeing how that came from a cute english chick. Enjoy Ubuntu.

marcos I don't even know what the intel compilers are or what they do. Try the they might have an answer for you.

c0ld said...

One thing i would like to see here is how to get the 1505 special function keys working in Ubuntu, if there's any way. What i mean by that is on certain keys on the keyboard, there's also a small blue character or symbol, but using these along with the function (Fn) key seems to make Ubuntu crash for me.


redDEAD said...

I don't have a 1505, this site is about the 1501. No special buttons on the 1501.

c0ld said...

Typo. I meant 1501.

Hortinstein said...

and we like it that way special buttons have no place on my laptop!