Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cleaned Up The Site

Did a little spring cleaning on the site. Edited some guides, switched ATI Drivers from 8.28.8 to 8.34.8, reversed my stance on Beryl. For any new readers, here's how to get your Dell Inspiron setup running Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft.

Installing Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10

Getting the Wi-Fi Working

Installing the Proprietary ATI Linux Driver

Enabling Media Codecs

Getting the wired Xbox360 Controller working in Ubuntu

What is and How To Bittorrent

Setting Up Compiz

Installing Beryl 2.0 with Compiz's gtk window manager.

Enjoy the site! If you are in need of help, just ask.

*Note if you used my old guide for installing the ATI Linux Driver you need to check that post out again and update.
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svigle said...

hey ... the link its broken ... :S:S:S:S

This blog its the best I could find, thanks

redDEAD said...


Peter Kehl said...

Hi redDead. I've got 6.10 Edgy Eft 32bit on Inspiron 1501. When I make it sleep using Suspend function in the menu, and then I wake if by pressing the power button, the screen is blank. Neither Ctrl-Alt-Backspace nor Ctrl-Alt-Del helps. I've tried with 'pci=nomsi' and 'pci=nomsi acpi=forge'.

Any ideas, please?

redDEAD said...

I never put any of my computers to sleep, still scared from win98's sleep mode. There is a way to do it and feisty has it working out of the box. Poke around the 'net I'm sure you'll find something.

Texican said...

Howdy Reddead, I may have a good one for you: I got Skype to run on my 1501 (Ubuntu forums) but the micriphone doesn't work. I'm curious if this is just me or is a more widespread problem with skype on the 1501.

Great blog, by the way.


darkstar said...

Hi reddead, thanks for the blog, it's very useful. I'm just getting an Inspiron 1501 going, and I wonder if you have got the Fn+ keys to work? I tried Fn+UpArrow to increase the screen brightness, and it crashed X. I'm using Linux Mint 2.2 which is based on Ubuntu Edgy (and pretty good too).

redDEAD said...

in ubuntu edgy eft 6.10 the function plus keyboard shortcuts all work. wouldn't know about Linux Mint never used it

darkstar said...

Thanks redDEAD, I'll keep on trying!

redDEAD said...

Texican, there is not a built in mic on the dell 1501 I bought. What mic are you using. Skype works really well in Linux, you can easily find a mic that works on linux with a little research.