Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beryl 2.0 Out, I Remove Shoe from Mouth

I posted last week about how much I thought Beryl sucked. I didn't like the fact that neither my desktop nor Dell Inspiron 1501 could run it without complicated fixes/silly hacks. I even went as far to switch over to Compiz. Now I'm going to have to eat a little crow. Beryl works again. Wednesday's stable release marks a huge step forward for the Beryl Project. It no longer sucks. Beryl 2.0 worked on both my machines, ran smoothly, and most importantly works really well on the Dell Inspiron 1501.

  • Beryl Settings Manager has been cleaned up and everything is a logical place.
  • New window animations
  • New plugins (I like thumbnails but have it turned off)

The best part of this whole ordeal is that I learned you can combine Compiz and Beryl. Compiz's window manager is so much better then Beryl's Emerald. It's a simple gtk window decorator that allows you to use any gtk theme. I love it and without it working in Beryl I would have never left Compiz.
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Hortinstein said...

Cool, I really wanted to install beryl, but after reading your post was really hesitant.

I will try to install both the drivers in your guide and Beryl possibly later today. Anything different than in your guide about installing 2.0? I am pretty new to linux, and the only way i have gotten linux to work is trolling this site and, and its been a great help.

Also I have looked everywhere for your email address, in case I ever have a good question, but coulding find it.

Thanks and keep up the great updates, your RSS is on top of my google personalized page