Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Comment on Ubuntu1501

@Drew Martell
Please stop sharing your stupidity here! Running an anti-virus in Win is the only way to go and even that is not guaranteed protection. It's not about knowing what you are doing (and you've already proved you don't) it's just you have been lucky all this time. If you just plug your pen drive on an infected system with Windows it'll pass the virus to your pen drive. And YES, your Win WILL autorun the virus when you plug your pen drive in it, doesn't matter what options you have selected on it. Fact, Windows is full of holes for viruses.
As for running as root to use VirtualBox. no comments there, this blog itself explains how to use VB as normal user.
Stop posting man, you're just too f** stupid.

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kblo_Brasil.SP said...

Glad you liked it. ^^
I thought you were going to block my comment. I think I was a bit too offensive ^^
Windows have a lot of security flaws open now and are taking longer to be fixed by M$ each time. Some of the last have called a lot of attention on the press lately. Like this one: and alot more flaws on Windows itself that M$ even deny the existence!
Sorry for the bad english. xP

redDEAD said...

I love it when someone else types what I'm thinking so I don't have to look like the jerk.

There is nothing wrong with using Windows, you just have to use it intelligently.

r4wMUnt34k said...

Sounds interesting, but I wouldnt write the persons name. It was embarrassing once probably and now you are showing it again for even more people. Thats an empathic point of view. Thanks.

Drew Martell said...
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Aenigma said...

@Drew Martell

At a recent Pwn2Own contest at Cansec, security researchers exploited just about every common browser, except Google's Chrome because of its unique sandboxing environment.

Doesn't matter if you surf "safe" sites, if those sites can be compromised with CSS attacks. Having your box compromised is no longer about downloading a virus. You can read the wrong email and be compromised. You can be exploited through an unpatched Windows vulnerability. You can visit a legitimate website with a CSS vulnerability and be compromised.

Recent example.

Please stop spreading poor security practices. Use an AV, use a personal firewall, patch your OS and your applications frequently, use NoScript, etc. etc. Don't even get me started if you're running an actual server on your windows box.

The Internet is a dangerous place.