Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is Why I Love Microsoft's OS

Screenshot-The page at says:
I don't like it when my PC creahes.

Screenshot-The page at says:-1
The file has been digitally signed and independently certified as 100% free of spyware, adware and viruses.

Screenshot-Antivirus 2009 - Mozilla Firefox-2
After scanning my C:/ drive and my Window files, it reported that I had an IEMonster, Porn Advertiser & Trojan Banker InfoStealer.
I didn't even know I had a C:/ drive or that Microsoft issued Security Warnings to Linux Users.

Screenshot-Opening A9installer_880147.exe
I feel sorry for people who hit install.

Trust me, that Microsoft certification course you took at the community college/high school only certifies that you can attend a class.

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r4wMUnt34k said...

Heh, funny, thanks for making my day a little bit brighter :). As for the C:/, I think you have a MVIV (Microsoft Virtual Image Virus) for Linux (made by Microsoft), try scanning Microsoft corporation for common sense and you will get no results!

Tyler said...

I work at a local computer service shop and you wouldn't believe how many people we get that actually believe that is a real anti-virus program and install it. Luckily we haven't had anyone that has tried to "buy" it yet.

Kevin said...

Apparently, I found myself at a similar website that ran a similar script on my browser (running under Debian testing).

Unfortunately, I emailed (via a disposable email address) the website from which the "anti-virus software"and got into a quite heated email... discussion... with someone at the website.

The other individual insisted that it was not possible that my GNU+Linux box was free of WiNdOwS viruses. It went back and forth like that a few times before I lost interest.

Not only is WiNdOwS a virus petting zoo, WiNdOwS users are so in fear of viruses that a significant amount of Win-users will do some insanely stupid things to do what they believe will protect them from viruses.

odt said...

so, what do you do in case? paranoia is just kicking the hell out of me.

jbs said...

this happens to me a bit, everyone i work with asks me what i use for antivirus, they all think i am nuts when i say "nothing"

Acid said...

Haha I had this happen to me also XD Anyways i do not think any Linux user would fall for such a trick.

jbs said...

i haven't had any LXer tell me they have fallen for it, but you never know i guess
if MS think they will be able to spread FUD like this they should think again

redDEAD said...


This is not Microsoft's doing. This is 3rd parties: spyware, adware and hackers trying to trick users into installing their software.

jbs said...

you would think that MS would not be happy about 3rd parties using logo's so similar to theirs.....

Drew Martell said...
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charims said...

Maybe if the average user used an easy to use version of linux(Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc ...), they woudn't have any problems with viruses, and then people would get used to their computers not crashing all the time. Wait, that would be a bad thing, then Microsoft would be out of a job. Really, the giant needs some real competition, and people are fed up of microsoft's brutish tactics to force them to use windows. Look at Apple's sales recently, Unix/Linux is the only way to go.

redDEAD said...


If every person used Ubuntu the website would be asking people to install a deb. The same dumb people who would install an .exe would would be using be Linux and infecting there Linux boxes. Let the dumb ones stay were they are.

Liam Smith said...

Very true! Let the dumb ones stay on windows

chiron613 said...

It's really not a matter of being smart or stupid. Many people just want to *use* their computers without having to learn all about IT to do it. They shouldn't have to learn all that stuff, if they don't want to.

Most of us, if a red light lit up in our cars, would take them in to have it checked out. We wouldn't get under the hood and try to determine whether the alert was real, or perhaps something the manufacturer put in to trick us into maybe "upgrading" our cars.

As for antivirus, it exists for Linux, and many people use it to avoid passing viruses along to their Windows-using friends. It's a neighborly thing to do, but not necessary for most Linux users.

I, too, used to use Windows, and never had a virus. However, I had antivirus software, a hardware firewall, and very stringent settings on my system that made it difficult to play the dancing pigs e-mails and stuff. Major lossage there...

Hans said...

Poor guy. I know people who say the same thing. "I never get a virus because I know what I'm doing."
But that's the beauty of Windows fot ya.
You won't notice the virus or rootkit that infected your naked little pc, because you don't scan for it.
Using Windows without antivirus is like screwing a crackwhore all day long without protection. Sure, you won't notice you're infected the first few days...until your member falls off.
People like you end up in zombie-networks without ever knowing.
And running as root?
That's not the kind of info you should give to prove you're a hardcore GNU-user.

redDEAD said...

Hans is right about running as root. There is no need to run as root.

Joel said...

I had uploaded something similar a while back on my flickr page. No worded like this of course, but still interesting =p

Drew Martell said...
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Anonymous said...

@Drew Martell
Please stop sharing your stupidity here! Running an anti-virus in Win is the only way to go and even that is not granted protection. It's not about knowing what you are doing (and you've already proved you don't) it's just you have been lucky all this time. If you just plug your pen drive on an infected system with Windows it'll pass the virus to your pen drive. And YES, your Win WILL autorun the virus wen you plug your pen drive in it, dosen't matter what options you have seted on it. Fact, Windows is full of holes and claiming for viruses.
As for running as root to use VirtualBox. no comments there, this blog itself explains how to use VB as normal user.
Stop posting man, you're just too f** stupid.

Drew Martell said...
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Komakino said...


Just stop posting, you're making a fool of yourself and you can't even see it.

rich said...

If he wants to run as root, let him run as root. It's his PC, it's his fault when he does something accidental that destabilizes his system by accidentally typing something wrong (like "rm -Rf *").

The best way to learn for some people is to experience the consequences.

As to anti-virus, for two years I went without a virus and virus scanner running. I did have one installed and only used it for the occasional scan. I decided to enable it due to the fact I was fixing more and more friend's computers full of viri and malware and the risk of them sending me a bad email that might get through was too risky.

Besides, the sleaze-bags that write these things are getting very clever on browsers and security holes, no matter how careful I am in Windows.

I now run Noscript in Firefox, Avast for anti-virus, Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy for my arsenal against the growing army of crap against Windows.

I have Windows and Linux PCs. So it's not one versus the other. I have them all. I just know Windows is more vulnerable and I've wised-up. I have attempted to run a file that I was sure was from a reliable source and even claimed to be virus free. Lucky for me, Avast caught it before it ran and cleaned it for me. Otherwise I would have been infected. Only a bloated ego says you'll never get infected.

I've been a computer professional (programmer, electronic engineer, system admin) for over 20 years. I know how they work inside and out. Even s@$% happens with the best and most careful of "experts".

By the way, I run Linux at user level, simply because "rm -Rf *" is something I type, on occasion. I have Ubuntu on two PCs and Yellow Dog on my PS3.

Daniel said...

Windows, Mac, and Linux are all equal. You can get tricked into to installing a virus on Windows, tricked into installing a malicious app in OS X, and tricked into typing rm -rf / on Linux. It's all down to the user and how savvy they are. Let's be honest, a virus does not just come into your system, just as rm -rf / isn't automatically triggered on a Linux box.

The only way we can stop such things is to change our behavior. Don't go to pirate software or click links in email's saying we won a million dollars. Funny or not, these pop-up ad's do convince a percentage of computer users and it's up to us to not click them.

Daniel said...

Did you guys all try AVG for Linux? I don't see a need, personally. But I guess as the future comes, maybe we'll start seeing viruses on the Linux side of things.