Saturday, August 16, 2008

redDEAD is Not Dead

I'm alive, still using Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 and waiting for Intrepid Ibex 8.10 to come out. You can find Intrepid's release schedule here.

Expect the site to really go live again around September 4th for the Alpha 5 release and full coverage leading to the full release.

I don't know how many people are still running Ubuntu on their 1501, but I know at least I'm going to be.


jm said...

I'm still run Ubuntu on a Dell 1501 and your blog has been a valuable ressource to solve some problems, thanks for your work

jusuchin85 said...

One 1501 User Here!

Still in love with Hardy 8.04, and will be waiting for Intrepid soon!

Thanks for all the tips and tricks all this while, redDEAD. Be waiting for more soon!

Charles G said...

I am running it, and I REA::Y APPRECIATE your site! I use the NDIS wrapper tutorial every time I reinstall.... well done.


Stevo said...

I definitely will be for quite a while as I bought my 1501 in November and believe Ubuntu will keep it usable for a long time. So keep doing what you're doing, I appreciate it greatly.

redDEAD said...

will do steveo, even if it just a handful of us.

CheesyBeef said...

I'm still using 8.04 on my Inspiron 1501.

It's a great laptop and Ubuntu is a great operating system, so I will keep using them for a while. Plus, I finally found how to install office 2003 which was pretty much the only reason I still used Windows.

DanK said...

Chalk up another user on a 1501 eagerly waiting for 8.10 :)

Thanks for the site... it's been a life saver on more than one occasion.

dotancohen said...

I'm on a Dell E1505 and the Kubuntu 8.10 alphas have been problematic. The hardware media control buttons no longer work and KDE 4.1 does not have the fit and finish of KDE 3.5.x or even Gnome. I also have been having time-related problems, such as the wrong hour showing in the clock and in appointments, which is a problem that I've never has on any other Ubuntu version or other distro. I'm filing bugs on them, but it looks like I will sit out 8.10, much as I had to sit out 7.10.

Emalice said...

Yup !

Still using the good ol' 1501.

Still running ubuntu 8.04, prouder than ever.

You're not alone, man, good to here from you though.

Dávid said...

I'm still using Ubuntu on the 1501 and your blog has been a great help - and am looking forward to the new posts about the next release. Thanks!

Dmitriy said...

another 1501er checking in.

quick question, is there a place where i could request specific tutorials?

also, is any one having problems with the battery? not only is mine down to like an hour, but during the boot sequence i get an error message.

any way, keep up the good work. and if you are ever in New Orleans, send me an email and i will buy you a drink.

Mmandx said...

Just Another Ubuntu/1501 user (from Cuba!)

Your blog is always 1st reference, I'm always watching for new posts on the RSS feeds.

Keep alive, redDEAD!

Moe said...

I am still using ubuntu on my 1501,
I thank you for helping me to keep my computer running ubuntu quite well.

I'll wait for the 8.10 version.

Nathan said...

I have gone over fully to Ubuntu Hardy heron on my Dell 1501 and I've never looked back, thanks to you I can fully interface with any Windows user, please keep up the good work! Vladimir.

Vince said...

Another 1501 user here. I switch between Ubuntu and Linux Mint and like them both. Though I think Mint is a bit more polished.

Thanks for your blog redDEAD. It's been a good resource for me.

Mecha25 said...

When you get your next laptop, do tell us what it's going to be, on this site, so I can get the same one. This site is the #1 reason I use Ubuntu on my 1501, because your tutorials just plain work. The NDISWrapper fix particularly is amazing. I don't plan on switching from Ubuntu anytime soon, so I figure I might as well get a laptop I know will have dedicated support. Thanks again for all the work you do, and here's to Intrepid 8.10!

pHreaksYcle said...

Mint is more polished, but also is less free...sounds like another OS we know of.

rscasas said...

I started with ubuntu in this site. This site help me to overcome my fears and make my laptop works fine.
Now I rarely use Windows, ubuntu is my usual operating system.
So only to say thanks you!

P.D.: Sorry my English. I'm from Spain.

n00b said...

hey there, awesome site!

cant wiat for 8.10 to come out! been a happy ubuntu 1501'er for a while now

but a couple small issues ive had with hardy...

1. sound - out of the box it did not play multiple sounds. after some tinkering i got some mixing going on, but i cannot mix music (mp3 or internet radio) with wine (playing starcraft) its either one or the other, but i think thats a driver issues with wine

2. usb - usb flash drives and my external hard drive - i have had LOTS of issues in hardy with them. they 'just worked' in fiesty, and now i need to boot the computer with them plugged in, and it seems they only copy the first 50-70mb then freeze up and fail to mount. auto-mount does not work as it should, very unstable for me. no data corruption or anything, just cannot acces that info

Christopher said...

I stumbled across something very important that is affecting my 1501 that I thought you might want to pass along.

I replaced my stock hard drive with a 250GB Seagate. Because the new drive is a little noisier than the old, I was able to hear it constantly spinning up and down while on battery power. This is a built-in "feature" that otherwise goes unnoticed and causes serious damage to the hard drive.

A better explanation and the fix can be found here. This worked for me on 8.04 on my 1501.

legitneo said...

I'm still using it on my 1501. I have to say that it had never been so alive until I decided to give Ubuntu a try on it. Keep it up buddy, this has been great help.

Nathaniel said...

I use Ubuntu 7.10 on my 1501... but I still mainly use Windows XP because Ubuntu + dial-up is kind of a pain. Once we do get fast internet, I will use Linux a ton more, I bet. Your blog is great, by the way. Keep it up man!

checho4 said...

I bought my 1501 hoping it would last me quite a while, and it seems like Ubuntu will make that possible.

Your blog has been an amazing help to me, so don't stop anytime soon!

rdw said...

I'm a huge fan and I wouldn't be running Ubuntu without you.
You've helped me through several problems already, and although you don't update much, in a web of billions of pages, these are certainly amongst the most useful for me.
Continued thanks

Hortinstein said...

hey man been a while since I talk to you on AIM...Im still on ubuntu on my 1501 also. Ill try to get in touch soon

Hortinstein said...

btw I am trying to get Aircrack working with injection through the madwifi drivers right now...once I get it going I'll let you know how I did it...would make a great article since Aircrack (and mkd3) are the coolest (and fun in a slightly destructive way) wireless programs. Got it working on one of those FON routers really well, but it would be better just on the laptop

Drixmok said...

Thanks to you and your valuable tips, I still use Ubuntu (Hardy + Studio) on my 1501. Without your blog, I may have given up... So thanks from France,man ! \o/

Joe said...

I plan to keep running Ubuntu (or at least some GNU/Linux distro) until the laptop dies. It never has ran anything else. The first time it was powered on was to format the dive and wipe out the restore/Dell partition.

I honestly don't even know where the Dell restore CD is. So, I guess it's a good thing it runs so well.

Anyway redDEAD thanks for the site.

David said...

I still use a Dell 1501 will Ubuntu.

I am going to stick with the 8.04 though. I put too much work in customization of the desktop and other stuff. I do not want to bother changing stuff every 6 months.

I had to buy a new power plug for the 1501 because the old one died. It still works though.

I recommend making a new blog called Dell Ubuntu. Put the numbers under the categories.

I love your site though. I have to come back when I can't figure something out.

You should come visit me sometime. This is going to be my permanent address on the web.

Thanks a bunch

Aaron said...

I am rocking linux mint on the 1501. Have found your site very useful thanks.

Alfacharly said...

My 1501 will be one year next month and I expect it to last at least a couple of years more.

I've found your blog very usefull as I switched to Ubuntu during the first month of use tired of the hassle of Windows Vista.

Never regreted the change. In fact I switched to Ubuntu on all my computers.


zasq said...

Hi! It's great you're keeping the site up. I would have been lost without it more than once when I switched from windows to ubuntu a year and a half ago! And I still keep finding important information here!

By the way: Has anyone experienced problems with the power supply of usb-media like external hard-drive or usb-stick? On my machine they crash very often - when copying something to them or after they have been plugged in for some time. I get the message in the kern.log "device not accepting address"... I am not sure whether this is an ubuntu or a dell problem... (Hope you don't mind me posting this here, but I didn't find a better place)..

Congratulations anyway for the great site!

velix said...

Thanks a lot, your blog helped me out, since I was running Gutsy, e.g. installing Java.
The tutorials have been good startup :)

Now I've been running Kubuntu for half a year.

Greetings from Zurich/Switzerland.