Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is The Terminal & How Do I Find It

I realized that I talk about using the terminal a lot in this blog. Just about every guide asks users to fire up a terminal. I never have bothered to explain what it is or how to find it, and for that I'm sorry new Ubuntu/Linux users.

When I say terminal I really mean, a command line interpreter. The command line interpreter is a computer program that reads lines of text entered by a user and interprets them in the context of a given operating system or programming language.

The terminal gives you complete access to your operating system and often allows you to do things faster and more efficiently.

To access Ubuntu's terminal go to: Applications>Accessories>Terminal

It looks like this:
Screenshot-red@red-desktop: ~

I know this may seem silly to many long time readers and hardcore Linux users, but if it wasn't for my buddy Muki showing me the terminal, I would have been asking this question to, or maybe I would have just googled it.
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Cabby Morena said...

I know this has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but I just send you friendsrequest over xbox live. My gt is Cabby Morena and my gaming skills are worse then my linux skill :(

redDEAD said...

cabby morena,

I was in D.C. teaching CPR, I going to accept that friend request when I get back to Chicago.