Sunday, December 16, 2007

Speed Up Gnome's Menus

This a simple 3 step tweak that really speeds up your gnome menus. It just removes the built in delay.

Step 1: Create A Text File
In a terminal type:
sudo gedit ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Screenshot-red@red-desktop: ~

Step 2: Write The Text File
In the text file that is created paste:
gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0"| tee -a .gtkrc-2.0

Screenshot-*.gtkrc-2.0 (-home-red) - gedit

Now save and close

Step 3: Log out
When you log back in you should see a significant speed increase in you Gnome menus.
edited by pHreaksYcle


fafifoernik said...

Please edit this posting, it is broken...

redDEAD said...


This post works, tested it on both my machines. pHreaK has used it and so has Muki. I think it might be a user error.

Alexey Zavizionov said...

Thanks, it works!

Vlad said...

After applying this tip, when I wanted to run an application from the terminal, I received the following error:
"doom@studios:~$ gvim
/home/doom/.gtkrc-2.0:3: error: scanner: unterminated string constant - e.g. `style'"

TIP: just replace the "gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0"| tee -a .gtkrc-2.0" with "gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0" in .gtkrc-2.0. You will still be able to experience faster gnome menus, without getting that error.

fafifoernik said...

No sorry, it is broken, it should read:

echo "gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0"| tee -a .gtkrc-2.0

But thanks for the tips anyway! They are very helpful!

ka2 said...

you shouldnt be using sudo for that should you? you editing a file in your home dir so there isnt any need for sudo to edit it.