Saturday, February 10, 2007

wi-fi fix

Everytime you update your kernel you're going to have to run my wi-fi guide. You need to just follow the directions as listed. Here are some hints and some special precautions.

1. You're really gonna have to hunt to remove ndiswrapper from your system. Run Find and search your drive for all instances of ndiswrapper. They're not hard to find, but there are about 6 instances.

2. Follow the guide.

3. You do not need to redownload the wi-fi driver from Dell, you can refuse the one from the original install.

4. Reboot when you told too.

5. After rebooting you have to turn on your wi-fi card it the blue Fn key and F2 at the same time. (The wi-fi light won't come on when you hit, so don't sweat it) THEN REBOOT AGAIN.


Donald M. said...

Is the wifi card in your dell laptop replaceable? I recommend getting a Intel wireless card. Intel open source their drivers and they work great out of the box.

Tex said...

Great post and a great blog! I just suffered through this after performing an automatic update. Your pose made recovery quick and painless.

You have a new reader...keep it up!

Pierre S said...

5 minutes?!
I took me maybe 2 hours before my kernel's updating (now I have to do it again, even if I don't understand the code lines I'm typing in the terminal!)

Thanks for the tutorials, they're very useful. I hope I'm going to improve myself.



redDEAD said...

glad it worked for you

Yiannis said...


I bought a Dell 1501 last week. It's got the Turion64 X2 TL-56 CPU and 2GB RAM! I had problems installing Ubuntu on it bu I followed your guide. Same for the ATI driver and the WiFi card.

The WiFi wasn't very stable though and I had to run "modprobe ndiswrapper" and "wifi-radar -d" every time in order to make it work. So, I came up with the following solution:

I installed wifi-radar, setup a Profile and in the "Connection Commands | Before" field I have added "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper".

So I go to "Applications | Internet | Wifi-radar" and when it opens I use my Profile/AP and click on "Connect". That runs the modprobe and then wifi-radar can see the card and tries to connect. Before that it wouldn't get an IP.