Saturday, January 20, 2007

To Maria & Others Having Issues

The only answers I have for you is to install Ubuntu 6.10 edgy Eft the way described in my guide. It does work for all models of the Dell 1501. I've proof read my guide and others have used it without an issue. Follow the steps. You don't need "noapic" to load up edgy. Edgy loads without it. All "pci=nomsi" does is allow the partitioner to find your hard drive and install Ubuntu onto it. Read my guide and make sure you follow the steps.

I truly believe in the phrase "Humanity to Others" but I don't have the necessary skills or patience to troubleshot problems. I post what I know works and how I got it to work. If you follow the guide it will work.

The place to truly find answers is the Ubuntu forums. There are experts there that are 100 times more qualified to troubleshoot. They have helped me find the answers to all my Ubuntu issues.

You can check out the forums here.


Maria said...

I realize the error now. I tried to run 6.06 which did need the noapic, and assumed 6.10 would as well, but as you say it does not. So I just now followed your instructions and everything went perfectly, thanks!

redDEAD said...

I am glad I could help. Plus you got your own post so thats even better. Eat your heart out Chuck.