Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Dell 1501

Filler Post Alert! Check out my desktop and laptop.

My desktop is nothing fancy. Firefox, Terminal & Amarok on the left upper bar and Sound, Date, System Monitor, WiFi strength, Trash on the upper right. On the bottom, it's my three desktops and notification area. I finally got gdesklets looking good. Point and laugh, I need to upgrade my RAM really bad. My background image is from the PS2 game Okami (made by Grasshopper Studios). You can find the RAW image here it's about 4,300x3,000 so you're gonna have to trim it.

The Linux Inside vinyl sticker is really nice and professionally done. I found it on eBay so if you like it, look it up. The Ubuntu sticker was free with my Dapper CDs.


Diabolic Preacher said...

:( :(

my 1501 seems to be in a very bad shape. this is how I screwed things as bad as i could : -

1. i have got vector linux 5.8 soho installed. this is probably just background info...problem's with the hardware.

2. i was trying inserting my nokia 6670's MMC card inside the sd/mmc card slot and whooops!! it just went in!!! i can't seem to get the thing out and here's what worse i did..

3. i was shaking the laptop to make it fall out!! consecutively...

4. now vector linux doesn't detect my sound and ethernet adapter. it's one of the few distros bundled with such a lot of restricted formats playback capability and now i dumbed it :(

since i read you use a sd/mmc card, i thought you'll know how to eject it phone information remains stuck in my laptop.

i got the machine from this lazy company after dad fired em like 5 times...and if this has to go back again.... :'(

help me...please

jumpguy said...

Not related at all but I was wondering about upgrading my AMD Turion X2 1.6GHz to something abit meatier. Perhaps something over 2 GHz? Any advice or good processors to recommend? Please reply and thanks in advance.