Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Years & Four Releases Later

Ubuntu1501 has been running for over two years and has offered articles and howto's for the last four Ubuntu releases. I'm am very proud of the work I have done and the community the blog has built. I am surprised at the traffic the site generates even though I last updated when Intrepid was released. As you can see the numbers are amazing.


Unfortunately, I am moving on. I sold my Dell 1501 and replaced it with a Dell Mini 9 and a Dell Studio 15. I have been hard at work with

I will continue to pay for the domain and publish comments as long as people log on and read.

Thank You,

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Moe said...

I have to thank you, my dell 1501 works just fine i ubuntu sice I found your blog.
It's a little sad to see the "end" o this blog but thank you again for all the help.


dotancohen said...

If you would like me to take over the reins I'd be happy to. I have a Dell 1505 that I have been using with Ubuntu and Kubuntu for over two years. Use the "Leave a Message" link on my site to get in touch with me:

Pierre Michaud said...

Thanks man! Your work has been very helpfull.



Tyler said...

I'm glad you're keeping the site up, as I just started trying to get Ibex functional on my 1501 and it's definitely a work in progress. Thanks for the resource!

Dmitriy said...

thank you for all your work.

quick question, if i have a question for fellow 1501-nians, where can i do so?

redDEAD said...

the ubuntu forums

rdw said...

Thanks redDead. I don't check in here too much man and that's because my shit works!
And that's thanks to the blog. You totally got me up and running. Been about 18 months..very happy.


redDEAD said...