Sunday, September 28, 2008

Human Theme for Thunderbird by Mares

Mares sent sent us a link about his/her human theme for Thunderbird. While I have been using Evolution, I think I might be switching back to Thunderbird thanks to Mares.

To Install Thunderbird:
In a terminal type:
sudo apt-get install thunderbird

To checkout or download Mares theme, which look amazing, check out the official download link at Mozilla's site.

And as always you can contact me at redDEADresolve on Google mail. Hopefully Mares will send us a nice screen shot to go with the article.


Anonymous said...

"Mares sent sent us a link about his/her human theme for Thunderbird."

I am a guy. My real name is Maks. :)
P.S. About all bugs and wishes please write to comments on the theme page at the Mozilla addons site.
Thank you.

miChou said...

don't tell me you choose your email client based solely on it's looks/graphical integration with the destktop :-O

redDEAD said...


No, I started using Evolution just to try it out on my laptop and ended up using it when I switched the desktop to Feisty Fawn. Mares has just given me a reason to check out an old favorite.

Sad thing is that I don't prefer one email client over the other. Both download my mail, so maybe it will be the user interface and theme that makes my decision. Either way I can't lose both pieces of software work well.

r4wMUnt34q said...

Have any of you guys tried the 8.10 beta yet ?