Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Make KDE Look Like Gnome

This guide will show you how to make KDE applications look just like and feel like Gnome applications. I can't live without my KDE applications, specifically Amarok, k3b or k9copy; but have always been annoyed by the clashing of styles on my desktop.

KDE Applications Before Using The Guide:

Screenshot-K3b - The CD and DVD Kreator

Screenshot-Style - KDE Control Center

After using the Guide:


Screenshot-K3b - The CD and DVD Kreator


Configure KDE
To make this guide work you first need to download the KDE Control Center, kControl. It is the centralized settings manager for the KDE desktop environment.
Screenshot-KDE Control Center
To Download kControl
sudo apt-get install kcontrol

To launch kControl, enter kcontrol into a run box (Alt+F2), or type it into a terminal.

Gnome Style
Klearlook is a widget style for KDE that is based off the QtCurve style. As its name suggests, it is intended to be a KDE replica of the GTK theme "Clearlooks". Navigate to Appearance & Theme>Style.
Screenshot-Style - KDE Control Center
To Download Klearlook
sudo apt-get install kde-style-klearlook
Select Klearlooks from the drop down menu under Widget Style.

Gnome Icons
Human Icon Pack for Kde is the best replica of the Human theme for Kde I have seen. It cover all major and minor icons. Navigate to Appearance & Theme>Icons.
Screenshot-Icons - KDE Control Center
To Download Human_KDE.tar.gz, click this link.
Select Install New Theme and navigate to where you saved the Human_KDE.tar.gz file and install it.

Gnome Colors
To make the color scheme in KDE match Gnome, navigate to Appearances & Themes>Colors.
Screenshot-Colors - KDE Control Center
Enter these values to match Gnome color layout.
Inactive Title Bar #C1C5AB
Active Title Bar #D5A637
Standard Text #000000
Selected Text #F8C779
Standard Background #FFFFFF
Link #0000C0
Followed Link #800080

Gnome Feel (Mouse Options)
To make KDE applications feel more like Gnome applications, navigate to Peripherals>Mouse to change KDE's single click default to match Gnome's double click default.
Screenshot-Mouse - KDE Control Center
edited by pHreaksYcle


FENix said...

Thanks for this guide. It will be useful for me.

CheesyBeef said...

Definitely appreciate you making this guide since I run into KDE-only distributions that I want to try. I don't care for the look of KDE, so I will try this to make it look more like gnome.

Thank you

Ricardo said...

Just wanted to say thank you. I've been reading your blog for almost one year now and it has been very useful even now that I no longer own an Inspiron 1501.

Also, in the last part of the guide I guess when you wrote "selected text" you actually meant "selected background". Is that so?

Thanks again.

redDEAD said...


Right you are brother, thanks!

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