Monday, October 15, 2007

Suspend/Hibernate Not Working Due To ATI Driver

*Update suspend & hibernate still not working with newer ATI drivers.

From Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Release Notes:

Suspend to RAM with fglrx
Attempting to suspend to RAM using the "fglrx" ATI video driver from the restricted component will hard-lock the system due to changes in the kernel's memory allocator (which will be the default in Linux 2.6.23) that have not been followed by ATI in a timely fashion; we do not have the resources to support more kernel flavours to support a single outdated driver at this point. Workarounds include remaining on Ubuntu 7.04, avoiding suspending to RAM, or using the free ATI driver. Bug #121653

Gutsy Gibbon Release Notes

Thanks Tyler & Adrian for the heads up, keep reading and thanks for contributing. I will post an update as soon as the bug gets squashed.
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Gani said...

Two questions for you:

1. What are you usng for a Java plugin?
2. Is there a way to make 1501 shutdown on "lid close" using gutsy?


redDEAD said...


1. java runtime enviroment 6 with plugin

2. ill look into for you, but i believe so

Tyn said...

Have you tried dual monitor feature of 7.10 release version yet? It's not yet successful for me so far with my 1501 with Acer AL1916W monitor... it's keep screwing up with xorg.conf.
Other features (wifi and Codecs that you mentioned on beta version) works perfectly.
Oh, might want to mention about this in your blog. I didn't plug wired internet in first install so I got problem installing native wifi driver. But I install UBUNTU again with wired internet plugged... wifi driver install went smoothly.


Gani said...

Just thought I would update you readDead - I tried compiling a gutsy kernel with SLAB, so that suspend / Hibernate can work. The compile itslef was painless, lots of resources available.

1. Ofcourse, the Restricted Drivers manager doesnt work after the compile. But, for some reason, the Wireless driver still does. The fglrx ati driver does not work.
2. So I downloaded their driver from the web and installed it. Everything seems good initially - The first Hibernate actually worked.

But, I have since had an unstable system - Either hibernate / suspend or the resume has failed in every subsequent attempt.

So, back to a fresh install! Something else other than SLAB seems to affect this, atleast on the 1501.


Tyler said...

I'm hoping that the release of the 8.42 driver will fix the suspend issue :)


Greg said...

You can get it working by downgrading your kernel.

I added the Feisty repository and loaded the older kernel and restricted modules. I then removed the Feisty repositories, rebooted and installed fglrx. It worked, but my wireless card was limited to 20 KB/s. I'm sure it would work with ndiswrapper, but I'm giving up for now.

Christopher said...

hibernate/suspend does not work with the new 8.42.3 ati driver. And for anyone reading this, i've installed the new driver and though it is a great step forward, i'd stick with the xgl setup in gutsy. The new driver does eliminate the need for xgl, but its much slower, and not worth it. I eventually took it out, and reverted back to the old setup, trust me its dog slow, you dont want it just yet. Give these guys another 6 months and maybe well have a decent ati driver by then.