Thursday, September 27, 2007

Problem with the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Beta

To install the Gutsy beta on the Dell 1501, select the Start Ubuntu in Safe Graphic Mode. Once in you just have to install Gutsy normally and when you restart everything works perfectly. Problem solved.

First thing I did when I walked into the door today was download the Gutsy beta. Popped it into my Dell Inspiron 1501 and was treated to a really nice login screen. Unfortunately the login screen is as far as I got. The five Gutsy alphas didn't load on the Dell 1501 either. Looks like 1501 owners are going to have to wait a bit to enjoy Ubuntu 7.10

As soon as I figure/find out what's going on I'm gonna blog about it. There is a bug report for the alphas but its not very descriptive besides the fact that it doesn't work.

I received an error about Nautilus (Gnome's file manager) not loading. I'm going to test the beta CD this weekend and post anything I find on launchpad and here.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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Gendi said...

hey mate i have a dell inspiron 1501 (AMD X2) and before i could load a ubuntu or kubuntu live cd i had to disable the High Precision Event Timer in the BIOS

Torben said...

I'm running Gutsy Beta updated from Tribe which in turn was updatde from Feisty.

I have no issues at all (that I've run into at least).

tom wright said...

i have used gutsy (64bit) on my inspiron 1501

it worked great but i needed to download an older tribe (tribe 4) then update it manually to get it working

also i had to use failsafe mode when i had updated to get it working and if you download it with firefox it ends the download prematurely (with no warnings), i had to use wget to get the .iso.

Chris said...

I got the beta to run using safe graphics mode, but it was very unstable after the install. default native wifi driver worked well. usb flashdisk mounting not so well. Mounting my external hard drive caused a freeze. I reinstalled fiesty.

Luis Olcese said...

torben, which kernel boot option are you using?

DJE said...

I tested some alphas (3&4 i think) and they worked fine (live cd) loads to desktop and works fine with no crashes. I have the standard base model 1501 with bios 2.1.0

Donald said...

The only thing i had to do to get it to install was use safe graphics mode. Everything else seems fine, i even installed the restricted ati driver and compiz-fusion is working perfectly.

Anonymous said...

does the problem exist only in ubuntu or also in kubuntu?

Torben said...

Luis Olcese:

I'm using whatever is standard as far as I know. I don't have my laptop here, so I can't check precisely what it is, but I didn't have to change anything.

My entire upgrade path was: net-install of feisty -> apt-get dist-upgrade to tribe 5 -> regular package updates from then on