Thursday, June 21, 2007

White Cube of Death in Beryl

I have been getting tons of mail about people getting the white cube of death when running
Beryl after using my Beryl with Xgl in Feisty Guide. I've tried to recreate it, I reinstalled Feisty and ran through the guide twice. I haven't encountered the problem at all. I have no idea what's going on. My Beryl install has been working without a hitch for the last two months. I do have some theories:

- You used another or a couple of other guides before using my guide. Useless you can go back and undo all your previous efforts you might have to reinstall and start with my guide first. For a good laugh read this thread. It is frustrating when you go to the Ubuntu Forum and you get your blog as an answer your questions. But this only reaffirms that my guide works, you just might have nerfed your system before hand.

- You used the 64 bit version of Feisty. I never have tried to install the 64 bit version of any operating system even though I own multiple 64 bit processors. They all suck compared to the non-existent compatibility problem of the 32 bit versions. Unless you have a really good reason for using a 64 bit OS other than you have an 64 bit processor; use the 32 bit one. There are no compatibility problems and you will not notice any speed difference. Beryl does not play nice with the 64 bit version of Feisty. I won't be able to answer any questions about 64 bit problems. Try the Ubuntu forums. My answer to your questions will always be install the 32 bit version.

- You tried using Ubuntu built in desktop effects wizard in System>Preferences>Desktop Effects. Turn it off. Many people have solved their problem just by doing this.

- You don't have a Dell Inspiron 1501, I wrote this guide specifically for my loyal Dell 1501 readers and users. It just happens to work for 95% of all other ATI card users. If you don't have a Dell 1501 with the integrated X1150 video card your better off asking for help at the Beryl forums or the Beryl irc channel on freenode.

- Use the command beryl-manager to launch Beryl.

- Use the Xgl session. To use Beryl you need to be logged onto your Xgl session.

I know my blog was used as a reference on the Ubuntu community page for Beryl/ATI/Feisty. I'm so happy my work is being seen and used by so many people. But I can't give support to everyone. Please don't me angry with me if I don't answer you or publish your comment.
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c0ld said...

If this can help anyone, what worked for me is this:

Left click on the beryl-manager icon in the tray.
Select "Beryl Advanced Options"
Select "Rendering Path"
Select "Copy"

Start Beryl.

That fixed the white cube of death for me.