Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Dirty Little Secret

I owned two Dell Inspiron 1501s, one running Ubuntu and the other running Windows XP. That's right, I was a stupid 1501 owner who ran Windows.

It's my ex girlfriend's fault, she used the the one with Windows XP as her main PC. I never could convince her to use Ubuntu. Once we broke up I sold the Windows 1501 to my kid sister, she kept Windows on it too. Chicks don't dig Linux (wtf aren't you supposed to be smarter then us ladies?). I still see my bastard Windows 1501 all the time. I miss her; could of put Fedora on her and blogged on fedora1501.blogspot.com too.

Long story short, her AC adapter broke so I gave her mine. Dell is sending me a new one in a couple of days but until then I won't be doing much on the 1501.

Sorry guys, I should be a good blogger and write up a way to get the new ATI Driver, 8.42.3, running on the 1501 but I'd rather be a better big brother. Look at the kid, how could you be mean to her?

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Anonymous said...

i had the same troubles with migrating my wife's PC to Linux.

i solved this problem by forcing situation in what my wife was needing to copy about 3000 thousand files to my Ubuntu Linux computer. :)
i gave to her some variants of solving her problem. and we ended our journey at installing Ubuntu to her laptop:)

Cory said...

Whats so bad about that?

I dual boot windows and linux and I use both (although linux more, cuz I have more games installed on it ;))

The rest of my family uses windows because they think that you have to go into the terminal to use the internet... Plus they don't understand the security linux offers, they think that windows is more secure :(
(actually, it is pretty secure with all the protection we have :S)

Cabby Morena said...

I rather see you start a debian1501.blogspot.com, ever since I have Ubuntu I've been ''flirting'' with Debian..

Luobotou said...

My wife uses XP on her Dell 600M BUT . . . she is now using Open Office 2.3 (one step at a time - gotta do withdrawal slowly!). On her wireless 15.4 laptop (System76) she reluctantly uses Ubuntu. Sometimes it's a slow process. I look at what I can do; she looks at familiar signposts (i.e., menus, looks, brand-name apps), but I will report on her true conversion when the Ubuntu English/Chinese interface works 100%.

Great Blog, man - always interesting, as well as your, er, other blog - (ah! to be young again . . . .)

Kartofel said...

Huh, I've been having exactly the same issue with my girlfriend. Explaining all the advantages of running Linux instead of Vista, as security, reliability, heaps of fantastic blogs (sucker:)) But I got a little bit closer when installed Compiz-Fusion and showed her how it was. Apparently, it didn't work too steady, so she was afraid that it would fall and she wouldn't know how to fix it without my help. But things changed when I sold my 1501 a week ago and bought a new Vostro 1500 with GF video card. Plus the new Kubuntu was relased. Timing couldn't be better. Everything started running so smooth and installing went without any problem so I'm installing Gutsy on her Compaq within next few days or so :)
Wish you all good luck, convincing your better halves to leave the Dark Side :))

P.S. I sold my 1501 doesn't mean I'm going to stop visiting this blog :), I started to like this place too much!

Kartofel, Poland

lsutiger said...

Hey Red. I should reply in a different post, but since this is the most recent, I will try here.
You said to backup your home folder. I used the Simple Backup program and successfully got a backup.
The question I ask is if you just copied you home folder or gziped it?
Keep up the blog!

redDEAD said...


To back up my home folder, I just dump as it is onto a 250G external backup drive I have. I don't zip it or use any software.

RomanN said...

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Thanks a lot.

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redDEAD said...


Luck, good writing a being linked from much bigger sites. This site has been linked my a lot of mobile Linux sites, the Ubuntu Documentation site, and a couple of bigger news outlets.

THE REAL REASON is because of you guys. I get a ton of readers a day, 900 is great for a little blog that started out because I didn't know enough HTML to write the guide for the Ubuntu forums.

She who was once called Betsy said...

*raises eyebrow*

Chicks don't dig linux, huh? I suppose I should pack in my two boxes then...hrm...nope I think I'll keep 'em.


As far as upgrading vs. installing fresh...on one of my boxes, I don't have the option right now of installing fresh without significant hassles that I really don't have the energy for, so went through updates sequentially from Dapper up through Gutsy, and switched to Xubuntu from Ubuntu in the process (with a 5.5G hard drive, I was running into space issues during the upgrades, and cleaning and removing packages between each upgrade).

So, it is doable, and my laptop works well, but you're right, it's not for the feint of heart, and is definitely not for someone not fully comfortable with a CLI.

And the desktop? Reinstalled fresh. My Kubuntu install was messed up to begin with and I was just waiting for Gutsy to be released before I went through the motion of reinstalling anyway. :)

redDEAD said...

I stand corrected girls do dig Linux, but don't usually post to my blog.

linuX Chica said...

I know you already addressed the issue but we chicks definitely do dig Linux. I've dug it since I was eleven or so. Check out ubuntero.org if you're still unsure.
ejemplo, me: http://ubuntero.org/briealeida/profile/

Otherwise, keep up the nice work!

She who was once called Betsy said...

redDEAD - so apparently we need to rectify that situation ;)

Keith said...

Chicks don't dig linux?
I have lost respect for your blasphemous revelations!

Keith said...

Chicks do not dig linux?
I have lost respect due to your blasphemous revelations!

Ken said...

I dual boot Vista. I rarely use it... but I figure that since I paid for the POS software I might as well have it on the only computer i'm legally allowed to have it on. Besides, it runs my quicken.

redDEAD said...

linuX Chica you are adorably cute.